Meditation changed life


I started my meditation journey about an year ago when i was battling with my 12th boards and upcoming jee exams.

One year ago i was this guy who was had no idea of what's going on in life .No goals of future ,and the uncertainty of my result always frustrated me .i was much stressed during those days i remember not being able to sleep and just sitting in my bed waiting for the night to pass.

I had lost the power to focus and was having a terrible time .

That was the point i decided that i will never be like this again .i tried meditation earlier as well but never with reglarity .

In the beginning i felt it was tough to sit idly for 10–15 min (honestly even 5 mins) but soon as i started be see some benefits out my practice it became a joyful activity .just simply focusing on your breath gives a deep relaxation from within and you feel a natural state of high in meditation.

Now at this point i meditate almost daily and it is very important part of my daily routine .I can feel the difference in myself if i am not meditating properly for few days . It is such powerful guys but one can only know its benefits if you do it with consistancy.

I can definitely say that meditation has changed way i am now .

My negative thoughts or perseptions have reduced to a great extent .I try and find positive view or something to learn in any tough situation .

I am now more detached from the outward results that i produce and can work without thinking much about results .

My focus levels have changed , actually i learnt the art of focus through meditation only because we are not told how to stay focused in schools we are just told to be focused .

My sleep quality has increased and i wake up feeling excited anhappy for the challenges i will face in the day ahead.

I want to tell this that one self improvement habit leads to another and this productive loop goes on. I have started reading self help books that are further helping me in building a strong perspective and character in life.

Still there is a long way to go and i want to get more deep into it and become more and more self aware .

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